Novus - Seating Ball

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Constant movement keeps the back fit. The seating ball balances itself automatically so the ball does not roll away and your office outfit stays clean. The design and high quality materials smarten up any office and let the classic gym ball roll into oblivion.
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Novus Pila
  • Due to its shape, the NOVUS Pila seating ball is suitable for ergonomic sitting and creates the perfect balance of movement. Dynamic sitting keeps you constantly moving and provides you with strengthened and healthy back muscles.
  • The internal weight reinforcement in the ball creates a centre of gravity so that the NOVUS Pila seating ball is self-levelling. As a result, the ball does not roll away and the seat remains dust and dirt free.
  • The handy label makes it easy to lift, carry and align the NOVUS Pila seating ball
  • Thanks to its elegant, timeless, and clear design, the NOVUS Pila seating ball fits into any furnishing style, whether in the office or in your own home office.
  • The NOVUS Pila sitting ball has a precisely constructed cover of high-quality leather look that is easy to remove and clean.
  • Delivery includes a cover, a PVC inner ball, a manual air pump, 2 self-closing valves and a pump adapter for commercial air pumps.

Novus seating balls make a stylish and ergonomic seat.