Haider Bioswing Office Stool Foxter

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The FOXTER features the unique and patented HAIDER BIOSWING technology: an actively cushioned seating system, which is movable in all directions. It independently absorbs your natural and individual body movements to reflect them to you as a pulse of energy. The continuous interplay of stimulation and reaction during sitting activates the brain, nerves and muscles and considerably enhances your performance, your ability to concentrate and your well-being for your personal success.
SKU: HBS 49101-0B
  • Integrated, adaptive 3D seat
  • Ball seat
  • Base: aluminium, painted silver
  • Rolls ø 6.5 cm, silver
  • Infinitely adjustable in height
  • Adaptive BIOSWING 3D seat
  • Small, light & compact

Improve your posture in a relaxed and dynamic way!

The seat of the stool, decoupled from the rigid floor, takes on a special function: it reflects all the impulses of the seated person in an inimitable way and thereby triggers an activating and at the same time creativity-promoting effect in the body. Thanks to the simple handling and the stepless height adjustment, young and old alike can benefit from the advantages.